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Welcome Future Fosters & Adopters

Thank you for your interest in Leica’s “Saving Paws” Rescue and our dogs.

In this disposable world where dogs are bought and sold like accessories,

we greatly appreciate you for reaching out to rescue rather than shopping

for a dog.
Leica’s “Saving Paws”  is a rescue, we do not have a facility, but instead we

have a network of foster homes. We work with volunteers and fosters, all

with the goal of getting our rescued dogs to a better place. That said, we

all work full time, have families and family responsibilities, and our own

dogs outside of our crazy rescue lives.

1. Please fill out the application. Once its reviewed and processed which can take several days (we are thorough) as we are looking for the best home for each dog as we do not want to see them in "the system" again. We reserve the right to decline any application, or you may cancel the process at any time.
2. Once your application is approved, we will match you with the best dog for your lifestyle.
3. Since our dogs are in foster homes, we will schedule a meet and greet at fosters' and your convenience.
4. Adoptions and fees vary. Adoption fees include full vetting, not something you receive when you "buy" a dog.
5. We do not place dogs on a first come first serve basis but rather who is the best home for that particular dog.
6. Fostering is a temporary situation for a dog. Based on this fact, there are times an applicant is approved to foster but not approved to adopt.

7. Please foster a dog because you love them and want to help, not to expect to adopt the dog for free. However, we will give a discount off the adoption fee, should you decide to adopt.

Now that you know the process, what are you waiting for? Please complete an application.

Dog giving a high five

 People who say

“Money can’t buy happiness”

have never paid an adoption fee.

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