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Befores & Afters

We know many of you always want to know what happened to a certain dog you saw on our FB page. We are dedicating this page and want to thank all of you who have been fans of the rescue and to those who have donated to the rescue to help a certain dog or many dogs over time. See what your help and prayers have done.

Before                         &                           After

A local shelter called and asked if we

could rescue this momma dog and her

6 puppies from this situation. How could we say no?

We didn't. Here she is now. Her name is

Chakka. Is she living her best life? You

be the judge.

Ed, her new owner has brought out the

best in her and says, "she is such an

AMAZING hairy person.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt her…. We have both died and gone to heaven.

She is the PERFECT companion for me and I know I’m her super daddy."

cooper and nala.jpg

The shelter contacted us about 5 dogs confiscated for cruelty neglect. Baltho now known as Cooper is one. The first picture is of him in the shelter and now in his new home,  taking a snooze with his new sister in the AIR CONDITIONING.


Sweet Dominque had a zero chance of making it out of the shelter alive. We KNEW he deserved a chance. He deserved a chance to get to be a dog, be loved, have his family…..after humans failed him so miserably. Thanks to Leica’s “Saving Paws” Rescue and a phenomenal foster…..Dominque is living his best life.

dominique after.jpg

We rescued Adrien and he was a MESS. Bacterial infections needing medicated baths, so weak and sick that he could hardly stand up. It took a lot of vetting, medications, baths, special food and he was ready for adoption. His wonderful new family continued with needed care and look at him now, "gorgeous".

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